Financial Freedom Summit

Financial Freedom Summit

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As we’ve been discovering our identity in Christ through the recent “Freedom” series we’ve learned that not only are we loved, we’re also gifted, blessed and entrusted. As the series culminates, the Financial Freedom Summit provides 3 unique avenues to live out the truths we’re learning during this series. Which is right for you?

Get equipped with practical tools to help you practice what the Bible teaches – specifically on finance.

Trusted voice on Biblical finance, Dave Ramsey, has created a foundational and effective curriculum centered on how to handle God’s money, God’s ways, for God’s glory. Financial Peace University has helped millions across the world become debt free and create a plan for managing their finances. The results are truly life changing – financial freedom, healed marriages, renewed passion, empowerment, Spirit-led servants, and Trustworthy stewards (those last two sound familiar don’t they?)

This special event will condense Dave’s 9-week course into a 3-day intensive summit which will inspire us to (as Dave says) “live like nobody else, so we can live and give like nobody else!”

$30 if you already have the kit.
$100 per individual/couple covers cost of kit.


Wednesday Night 03/15

6pm – 7:45pm Super Saver

Quick Start Budget

Register for online tools

Friday Night 03/17

6pm – 7:30pm Relating with Money

8:00pm – 9:30pm – Cashflow

Saturday Morning 03/18

8:00am – 9:30am – Budget workshop

9:30am – 11:00am – Dumping Debt

Lunch and budget/snowball prep 11:00pm – 1pm

Breakouts 1pm – 2:30pm

Buyer Beware

Role of Insurance

Retirement and College Planning

Real Estate and Mortgages

Final Session 2:45 – 4pm

The Great Misunderstanding

We envision a world transformed by Godly stewards through radical generosity. Before we can see that, however, we must develop a culture of Biblical stewardship that catalyzes a legacy of leading people in the adventure of becoming like Christ. Be the transformation we want to see.