Serve Our Schools

Serve Our Schools

Serve Our Schools 2017

    It has been great that Open Door was able to fill a need by providing backpacks and supplies for kids getting ready to go back to school in our communities the past several years, and the local school communities were very appreciative of our efforts to serve in that capacity. One of the things we have noticed in recent years is that there are now many organizations in Lorain County handing out backpacks and school supplies, and the need for those items are now more available.
     After talking with a couple of teachers that I know, they suggested that I get in touch with the school administrators and principals to find out how to best partner with them this year. So, I started contacting the principals and Administrators in the school systems in Elyria, Lorain, Avon Lake, and Vermilion to better understand how we as a church could partner with them this next school year. Basically, what each of these people told me is that they are looking for people to spend time with the kids and teachers in the schools to build relationships that are sustainable over time, throughout the entire school year. We may need to provide some school supplies, clean classrooms, and paint the schools as well, but the clear message was that the pressing need is to show kids what real relationships look like while encouraging them, and to support the teachers in these schools.
    We will be providing all the details in the coming weeks so be on the lookout for more information that will list all the opportunities for each school we are partnering with. There will be many opportunities for everyone in the church to get involved based on your individual gifts and time available. Just to give you an idea, here is what this will look like: reading with kids, after school programs, providing food and clothing, and tutoring. We will be kicking this off on August 5 at Summit Academy grade school in Lorain by hosting a similar event to what we previously provided with Family Fair, only we will be focused entirely on that one school and will get to know the kids, parents, and teachers of Summit Academy so that we can start building the relationships that day and continue throughout the school year. We will have similar kickoff events with each school that we partner with, but on different days and times that will correspond with the start of the school year for each school location. Again, be on the lookout for more details that will provide a list of schools we are partnering with, and more details on the ways you can serve.

Brian Boucher, Director of Missions

Thursday, August 17th – New Beginnings, Lorain

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