What Are You Waiting For – Avon Lake Campus

What Are You Waiting For – Avon Lake Campus

What Are You Waiting For?

2 Timothy 2:20-26

It’s About Time…

    To Clean House

  • Be Made Holy
  • Be Useful to the Master
  • Be Prepared for Every Good Work

    To Flee Youthful Lusts and Pursure Christ

    To Pursue Christ Together

    To Stay Focused on Christ and Disagree Don’t Quarrel

    To Be A Servant of Christ 

  • Not Quarrelsome
  • Kind to everyone
  • Able to Teach
  • Patient when Wrong
  • Gently Correcting Those Who Oppose

    Holiness Comes From GodCaptivity  Comes From the Evil One

  • Christ Came to Set the Captive Free And Call Us to Lead a Holy Life

LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

If you grew up in the church, did you ever go to a church that tried to be totally separate from the world (don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t associate with those who do)?  How did that work?  Why do we need balance in this area?  How does Jesus’s call to live in the world but not of the world encourage us in this area?  How does it challenge us?

  1. Why is holiness a forgotten topic?  Do you regularly think about holiness and the pursuit of holiness?  Do you consider some pursuits in direct contradiction to your pursuit of holiness?  How do you rectify your decisions?
  2. When you have a serious disagreement with someone where they are in the wrong, how would you rate your kindness and gentleness?
  3. What are the lusts of your youth that seem to keep popping up in your life?  Do you seem to constantly struggle with the same things?
  4. Why does quarrelsomeness seem to be such a focus of Paul’s here in this section?  How does your pursuit of holiness affected by your ability to get along with people and love people?
  5. Are you one that gets pulled into arguments and quarrels easily?  How do you treat people in these arguments?  Are you burning bridges on social media while trying to make a point?
  6. How will you pursue holiness today?

Core Christlike Characteristics: Connected to God Through The Word and Prayer, Spirit-Led Servant





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