Uncommonly Common – Vermilion Campus

Uncommonly Common – Vermilion Campus

“Uncommonly common”

2 Timothy 2:20-26

I have a special purpose

I am prepared for my purpose

My purpose is my pursuit

My purpose is productive

My purpose is uncommonly common.

LifeGroup questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Other than car keys and your wallet what are the top 2 items you carry daily that have a special purpose?
  2. Mentally, do you resonate more with being a ‘common’ follower of Jesus or someone set apart for a special purpose? Explain your answer.
  3. Community is a huge part of finding our purpose in God and staying committed to it. Who has been someone you PURSUE righteousness, faith, love and peace with? Describe some benefits of pursuing faith together.
  4. What are some common religious or “churchy” arguments that often turn into quarrels? Are these valid arguments or foolish? Defend your answer.
  5. Read 2 timothy 2:25-26. Has God used your instruction and/or your life to help someone repent (change their mind) and escape the trap of the devil? Share your story.
  6. In what common way might God uncommonly use your life to help others?

Christ-like Characteristic(s): Connected to God in Word and prayer, Intentional Evangelism, Relates with other centered love, Spirit led servant.





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