The Glory Gap

The Glory Gap

“The Glory Gap”

Luke 2:8-14; Matt. 5:14-16

Don’t ask what God’s glory means.

Ask how God’s glory can be seen.

His word

His creation


God’s love comes to us

So his glory can flow through us.

Light belongs on a stand

We exist to glorify God.

The glory of God is man fully alive.

LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Lives

  1. What is something you have experienced or seen in your life that revealed the Glory of God?
  2. Read John 8:12 then Matt. 5:14. If Jesus is the light of the world why did he say “YOU are the light of the world” to his followers? Can both be true?
  3. When and where in your life are you tempted to put a basket over your light?
  4. How have you boldly put Jesus (the light) on display in your life for all to see?
  5. In what way has your bold display of Jesus prompted, provoked or moved people to give glory to God?
  6. As a group, spend time revealing how you have seen the light of Jesus in each other’s lives.
  7. End in prayer asking God to use each of you specifically to be THE light in a dark place.

Core Christ-like Characteristic(s):

Heart of Worship/Loving God, Relates with Other Centered Love/Loving People





  1. Mary

    John, thank you for a POWERFUL sermon! I have shared it across my ‘friend world’ !! God has soooo blessed you ❣️

  2. Ruth

    Thank you for fanning the cooling embers into a warming light! I needed to hear your message, even if it was several weeks after Christmas. Thank you, Lord, for giving this message to John so I could hear it.

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