Luke 24:49-53

1. Re-View What Jesus Said

          Wait for the Promise of the Father

2. Re-View What Jesus Promised

          Filled with and led by the Holy Spirit

          The Spirit will help you tell others what you’ve experienced

          The Spirit will fill you with love

          The Spirit will lead you to serve others

          The Spirit will help you understand God’s Word

          The Spirit will enable you to worship in truth

3. Re-View What Jesus Commanded

          Jesus entrusted us with a command: Go make disciples.

          Jesus entrusts us with the means: God gives us all we need.

4. Re-View Who Jesus Is

          Re-viewing Christ helps us become like Christ.

LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Your Life

  1. Read Acts 1:9-11. Imagine being at the Ascension. What do you think you would have been thinking? Feeling?
  2. Read Acts 4:20, 22:15,26:16, 1 John 1:1,3. As you read the Gospels, what stands out to you the most of what the disciples would have “seen and heard”?
  3. How would you say you are personally doing at obeying Jesus’ command to “make disciples”? Is there a person you know that you could start meeting with in order to help disciple them? Ask God to show them to you.
  4. Which of the six things Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would do (subpoints of point 2) do you feel you need the most help with?
  5. The Holy Spirit fills us at the moment we become Christians. Then He will fill us again and again whenever we ask Him (as we “Learn to Breathe,” being filled with the Breath of God/Holy Spirit). Ask God to fill you afresh with His Holy Spirit to help you with what you identified in Question 5.
  6. Either after group or sometime tomorrow, take the Next Step Survey at and follow the suggested steps afterwards to help you take your next step in becoming more like Christ.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: All six of them!








  1. Dzidra cecil

    Personally,on Sundays i liked being able to read the Lifegroup questions when they were included along with the sermon outline as that helped direct my thoughts more on how to better examine myself and then apply in my daily living the Word of God. The questions helped open the door of my heart to Christ as i listened to the sermon. Thank you

    • Ben Fowlkes

      Hey Dzidra, That is great to hear. Just so you know with the all new Bulletin layout. We have a couple places you can get the questions for further studies.

      – Open House Room has a print out of that weeks LifeGroup Questions.
      – You can sign up to be a part of a life group and talk about those questions together with a small group of people.
      – Download the Church of the Open Door APP
      – Print out a copy from this page above.

      Hope that helps. God Bless

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