How Jesus Makes Followers Into Disciples

How Jesus Makes Followers Into Disciples

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“How Jesus Makes Followers into Disciples”

John 17:4-10

To grow as a disciple of Jesus you need:

1. Revelation: An accurate understanding of God

a. Who God is

b. Who Jesus is

2. Teaching: Core lessons on following

a. Jesus’ Words of life

b. Jesus’ Way of life

3. Training: A process of development

a. Model: A does it, B watches.

b. Mentor: A does it, B follows.

c. Monitor: B does it, A coaches.

d. Multiply: B trains, C learns.

4. Commitment: Our response to God

a. Receive what He says

b. Believe what He says

c. Obey what He says

5. Help: Vital assistance from others

a. Jesus prays for you

b. The Holy Spirit is the Helper

c. Other disciples

Jesus receives glory when we grow as disciples.

Discipleship today starts at the cross.

LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

1. Is/Was there anyone who you (used to) love to hear pray? Why?

2. Why is it so important that we have an accurate understanding of who God is?

3. Is it enough to just be taught Jesus’ “words” and not His “way”? Can you really be a disciple of Jesus if you “follow” His words, but not His way?

4. Have you ever been discipled? Who did it? How did it go?

5. Pick a skill (like prayer, doing devotions, studying the Bible, leading a LifeGroup, sharing your testimony, presenting the gospel, etc.) and as a group walk through the training process outlined in point 3, discussing what that might look like.

6. Where are you in the process of being a disciple of Jesus?

          a. I am watching, following from a distance. I’m not ready to follow closely.

          b. I am following, but I need help. I need to be discipled by someone.

          c. I am growing, it’s time for me to disciple someone else.

          d. I have stagnated and plateaued, I need to obey Jesus and get growing again. I                       need to be discipled or I need to disciple someone else to help me grow.

          e. I am actively discipling another person, helping them to grow, which is actually                   helping me continue to grow as well.

7. After you have identified where you are in question 6, go around the group and pray for yourself and one other, that each of you will take the next step as a disciple of Jesus.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer/Loving God







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