Generation House

Generation House

Proposal on Acquisition of 158 Gateway Blvd for use as Generation House:    3/19/2017

The property is a two story frame house consisting of 3310 sq.ft of living area with 5 bedrooms and 3.1 baths. Additional features include a porch, unfinished third floor attic and a one-car detached garage [needs demolished]. The property has an appraised value dated January 30, 2017 of $109,900. The property is zoned Residential Two Household with special variance previously granted for Class II Type A Group Home to Timothy house (previous occupant) in 2009.

Financial Implications
As part of the 20/20 vision for the Generation House program and home, all funding for this acquisition and renovation will be done through 20/20 funds. Open Door will assume the property for $78,688. Plus closing costs.

Due Diligence, Benefits and Determination Criteria for this property
Basic criteria used to determine the needs of the potential Generation House property were; Location (Elyria/Residential, Size (sufficient gathering space, yard, comfort for 10-14 people), Number of bedrooms (5+), Bathrooms (maximum potential per family), floor plan layout conducive to flow and interaction of families while having an intake/office area, zoning, purchase price and renovation cost. Not necessarily in that order.
Exploration of the possibility of the property at 158 Gateway Blvd, Elyria for use as the Generation House began in April 2016. Leading up to the selection, Open Door examined approximately 8 properties around Elyria at various price levels, locations, floor plans and property types. During the process, visual estimates of renovation extent and cost were determined in conjunction with a general contractor consultants. “All in” costs were subjectively compared to the size, potential occupancy numbers, overall use, practicality of floor plan, and location. All of these criteria were compared to the intent of the Generation House program and house.
Additional exploration was given to build-to-suit options on existing owned farmland using both traditional building techniques and unconventional (ie, recycled shipping containers). Options explored were either impractical, costly, or both.
During this process, development and exploration of the Generation House program began and that process led to the review and investigation of existing programs similar around Ohio. One in particular rose up as the closest model; a program in Xenia, Ohio. This program not only has helped form our model, but takes place in a house structure remarkably similar to 158 Gateway Blvd.
Estimated all-in costs of 158 Gateway Blvd were determined to be within budgeted costs for this aspect of the project.
Lastly, the precedent set by the property zoning and variance, and intent to maintain the same usage allows an easy transition to Generation House operations. Existing neighbors have not filed a complaint on the multi-family, transitional use of the property and the use as Generation House is not likely to change the perception of the neighbors. This is a huge potential hurdle overcome by 158 Gateway Blvd already.
158 Gateway Blvd provides the highest cost/benefit relationship, ease of use and renovation, functional floor plan, and zoning required to meet project requirements and goals, and begin movement immediately toward a fully operational Generation House.

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